Why Attend InformEx?

Three days of networking sourcing, education and innovation!

InformEx is the premier hub to meet new partners, network with industry peers, learn about the latest industry happenings, and grow your business in the fine & specialty chemical industry!

Now, more than ever, InformEx is poised to help you stay ahead of industry trends – learn more about InformEx Connect, a conference featuring 24 sessions covering the latest industry insights, regulatory updates and more (includes access to CPhI Connect, CPhI North America’s pharmaceutical conference program). 

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Why Attend?

Find Global Partners

The global list of exhibitors at InformEx will expand your ability to meet new partners that have the resources your business needs to go to the next level! Our exhibitors provide a plethora of chemical products and allied/custom services. To see who exhibits, click here. 

Network with Industry Peers

InformEx has been the provider of the community's meeting places for over 30 years, and continues to be the forum within which this industry meets to network, learn and achieve the business development and innovation objectives.

Invest in Your Education

Continuing your education is necessary to keep abreast with the latest developments, skills, and new technologies. New for 2017, InformEx Connect offers you an up to date view of the developments and new technologies coming from the global fine & specialty chemical sector through a full program of world-class conference sessions. To learn more, click here. 

A Venue for Innovation

InformEx is the only event of its kind. For three days, attendees are invited to meet with exhibitors to source innovative solutions as well as learn from industry leaders about trends and market insights.

Introducing InformEx Connect: 80+ Hours of Industry Leading Educational Sessions

InformEx is poised to give you access to the most up-to-date information all year long! To strategically address the industry-driving changes within the fine & specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical industries, InformEx and CPhI North America have partnered with the American Chemical Society (ACS), the largest scientific association in the world, and CBI, the industry leader in actionable life sciences content and analysis, to bring you a market-leading conference program, InformEx Connect.

Learn about the latest innovative techniques, breakthrough thinking, and cutting edge research at a Connect Conference Session!

InformEx Connect features sessions such as:

  • Regulatory Update on US Toxic Substances Control Act-Current Interpretations and the Impact on Business
  • Discover the Latest Innovations in Green Chemistry
  • How to Create a Start-Up Environment in a Traditional Company
  • Plant Operations to Efficiently Meet Regulatory Requirements for Multiple Markets
  • The Latest Developments in Chiral Chemistry

InformEx attracts over 1,500 executive & senior level attendees from across the fine & specialty chemical market including:

InformEx now offers a new and more diverse experience in the expanded pharmaceutical community!

Now with size and scope of CPhI North America alongside InformEx, companies who work in the pharma sector will meet more people and have more interactions, yielding more breakthrough ideas for innovation.