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Berko Pharmaceuticals

Berko Pharmaceuticals, have been aiming to contribute to human health with “For Healthy Tomorrows” vision for more than 30 years and is the fastest growing company with its more than 60 products, about 550 employees and 2 manufacturing plants which has 10 thousand square meters covered area. With its world standart high quality manufacturing facilities, Berko Pharmaceuticals can manufacture 62,3 million boxes with two-shift operation annually. The new investment of Berko Pharmaceuticals in the third manufacturing plant with 11 thousand square meter  area is under construction.

Berko Pharmaceuticals, breakthrough in the field of export and works in this area actively continues. Berko Pharmaceuticals, who is exporting and signed export agreements with total of 33 countries from 2015 until this day, aims to export to North America, South America, USA, Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States and Africa. Also, Berko Pharmaceuticals, has has FDA registration for their manufacturing plant as well as approval for ZincOmega Fish Oils which will begin to export to USA soon.

Berko Pharmaceuticals, put emphasis on importance to social responsibility projects, thus, touch life of people with developed projects. Berko Pharmaceuticals, focuses on this topic and completed many projects in recent years. At the beginning of these projects, there is “Berko Çocuk Tiyatrosu”, which was found to contribute society and art, and “Eczacının Kariyer Yolu”, which contributes to career development of students from pharmacy faculty. At the same time, Berko Pharmaceuticals Social Responsibility and Environment Fellowship, which found by Berko Pharmaceuticals’ employees with volunteering basis, realizes many projects as well.  Among these projects, Berko Pharmaceuticalsprovided clothes, shoes, toys, books, school and hygiene materials and scholarships to rural schools, oncology patient children, people with disabilities, rehabilitation centers and to society for protection of children. Berko Pharmaceuticals, provides scholarship to 10 primary school students and 20 university students.


Grifols Partnership

Fleboflex Luer improves safety and efficiency for the preparation of mixtures in the hospital pharmacy Fleboflex® Luer is a polypropylene bag designed for the preparation, reconstitution and administration of medications without the use of needles. Fleboflex® Luer has two-port configuration (luer lock valve and twist-off valve) and is available in different sizes. (50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml)

• Quick addition of medication and extraction of solution from the Fleboflex Luer bag using a syringe without a needle, eliminating the risk of accidental needle-stick injuries

• Allows the connection of a vial adapter for reconstitution

• No dripping during connection and disconnection of syringe and vial adapter

SHL Group - Innovation Zed

The marketed example of the ENYA Platform – InsulCheck add-on device for insulin pens.

The rise of injectable therapies and demand for digital solutions inspired SHL and Innovation Zed to create the ENYA Platform as a new way to service the growing list of indications while enabling drug adherence and condition management.

ENYA, an innovative, smart add-on for injection devices, tracks usage ‘on the go’, without the need of user input. Working as a ready to use add-on for existing pens or through integration with new pen designs, ENYA aims to automatically record pen usage by capturing several confi gurable aspects such as: time/date of injections, dosage, temperature, duration, GPS, training tips and more.

What are the key benefi ts of the add-on approach?

• Improvement of long- and short-term health outcomes

• Peace of mind, engagement and control of the treatment

• Meaningful data for analysis and therapy improvement

• Real-time evidenced data on adherence and outcomes to inform reimbursement


Injections of medicines expose health-care providers to risk of needlestick injuries and consequently to the risk of blood-borne infections, which put human lives at risk.

Ompi has developed a new fully passive and fully customizable, integrated needlestick protection: the Ompi EZ-fill® Integrated Safety System (ISS). Ompi ISS provides automatic shield retraction in an elegant and highly customizable way compared to existing systems. User study results demonstrated also an intuitive use and good handling thanks to its simple design. This ready-to-fill syringe is designed to suit all staked needle syringe formats and it is highly compatible to the existing standard prefilled syringe pharma manufacturing and filling infrastructures.

Nowadays several options are commercially available to minimize the risk on needlestick injuries associated with prefilled syringes. However, some challenges remain open: high cost increase on manufacturing processes and change in standard caregivers’ behavioral habits.

Ompi EZ-fill® ISS has solved both issues. This solution incorporates the safety system into existing glass syringe formats without major modifications to standard syringe components. Pharmaceutical companies can benefit from an increased manufacturing efficiency and streamlined production lines, thus eliminating the need to add separate standalone safety devices. Healthcare givers can benefit from an unchanged users drug delivery practice.

About OMPI

OMPI is part of the Pharmaceutical Systems division of Stevanato Group. It boasts a unique expertise in providing superior pharmaceutical containers from glass tubing.

With operations in Italy, Slovakia, Mexico and China, Ompi offers the widest range of glass primary packaging, from the traditional ones such as vials and ampoules, to the high value ones as syringes and cartridges for auto-injectors and pen-injectors. Vials, cartridges and syringes are available also sterile and ready to fill (Ompi EZ-fill®).

About Ompi:

Origin Pharma Packaging

Tablet Wallet, Child Resistant & Tamper Evident

SmartX – the tablet wallet designed to deliver a multitude of benefits!  This 2017 patented innovation from Origin Limited is developed from a single piece of folding box board and provides an effective, additional element of child resistance and tamper evidence to your product.

The SmartX product encapsulates your conventional blister packed product simply and securely and presents the same packaging in an entirely new way.  Large panels enable full colour printing allowing recognition and promotion of your brand image.  There is a blank internal panel provided to facilitate the inclusion of the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL), and there’s ample room for instructions in more than one language or braille. 

The device is designed to add tamper evidence and enhanced child resistance to the existing features of your blister product.  Once loaded the tear band must be permanently removed to release the child resistant slider mechanism which moves to hide or reveal the apertures through which the user removes the product.  Whenever the child resistant mechanism is opened a visible tab is exposed reminding the user to re-close the pack.   And for those who don’t remember, returning the pack to the upright position will automatically close the child resistant matrix, hiding the blister apertures once more.

SmartX folds neatly to create a compact, pocket sized wallet.  The spine of the wallet can also be printed to offer easy recognition when stored in pharmacy or in a medicine cabinet.  SmartX is produced from either virgin or recycled material and always from sustainable sources.  The device is 100% recyclable.   The board we use for SmartX can be designed specifically to suit the values of your current blister packaging and has the potential to take your inherent child resistance value from F8 to F1. 

The capacity of SmartX is completely variable and we can accommodate a host of tablet capacities.  Whatever your need and whatever your product may be, if it’s worth increased brand dominance and you are concerned about your social responsibility to child safety and the environment, then SmartX is for you.   Ask us for samples of this patented product.

Key Facts about SmartX - Tablet Wallet, Child Resistant & Tamper Evident

  • Produced from sustainable sources
  • Works with existing blister packaging
  • Mono-part construction (single piece)
  • Enhances child resistance from F8 to F1*
  • Compact and discreet design
  • Tamper evident

*  subject to blister pack criteria 

  • Child Resistant
  • Pack open indicator
  • Available with full colour print and braille
  • Accepts PIL (patient information leaflet)
  • Serialization compatible
  • Patent Pending

To receive samples and information about SmartX please send requests to

About Origin Pharma Packaging:

Centre of Clinical Excellence for Pharmaceutical Packaging Design & Innovation, Strategic Production and Supply Chain Performance.


West Pharmaceuticals

SmartDose is a single-use platform that adheres to the patient’s body, usually on the abdomen, and is pre-programmed to deliver high volumes of viscous or sensitive drug products. The SmartDose platform includes a Daikyo Crystal Zenith® drug container with elastomer components using Flurotec® barrier film.


LOG Primary Pharma Packaging

The Challenge

Most APIs (up to 90%) used in pharmaceutical formulations are sensitive to moisture and/or oxygen and require passive or active protection. With the ever-increasing complexity of the APIs and their drug formulations, innovative barrier packaging solutions are required for more and more pharmaceutical products in order for them to successfully pass stability tests.

LOG’s Solution

LOG has developed a series of world-leading barrier packaging solutions to extend the shelf life and protect innovative and generic drugs from the exposure to moisture and/or oxygen. Made from up to six layers, LOG's barrier packaging solutions are available in standard sizes from 15 to 1500 cc and with neck finishes between SP20 and SP53. The containers are compatible with LOG's screw and CR closures and can be used on existing filling lines. In addition to the standard barrier packaging portfolio, LOG also offers to partner with customers to develop tailor-made barrier packaging solutions.

LOG's market-leading Barrier Packaging solutions:

  • Increase confidence to pass drug stability test

  • Shorten drug formulation development time

  • Reduce the need for desiccants with the goal of eliminating them

  • Extend drug shelf life

  • Reduce head space and packaging size

  • Reduce total cost of ownership

  • Are successfully used and endorsed by global pharmaceutical companies

LOG’s Barrier Bottles are available in three product families:

  • OxyBlock™ - Reduces oxygen permeation

  • MultiBlock™ - Reduces both oxygen & moisture permeation

  • MonoBlock™ - Reduces moisture permeation

For more information about LOG’s Barrier Packaging solutions visit

About LOG:

Established in 1971, LOG has spent more than 45 years building a wide range of standard packaging solutions and providing responsive customer support to leading global pharmaceutical companies. As a privately owned, profitable and constantly growing company, LOG will confidently support you as a long-term partner.

For more information contact us at: or visit

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