Justification Kit

Need Help Justifying Your Spend?

InformEx offers you all the materials you need in order to gain funding for your attendance.

With expert advice, pre-conference justification documents and access to industry innovators, your manager or supervisor is sure to appreciate the investment made in your networking, education and training, as well as to your company's success.
We encourage you to review the materials in this document to gain a greater understanding of InformEx and effectively communicate the value of your participation to your approving manager. For your convenience, we have also created an InformEx Attendance Request Letter template as a starting point for your proposal, which you can download here.

Need help convincing your manager that InformEx is the right choice? Click here to download the Justification Toolkit to get started. (Link to kit)

In this kit you’ll find:

  • A template for your request highlighting the ROI you’ll gain
  • Tips on setting up your objectives while you meet with 340+ exhibitors from 30+ countries
  • Worksheets to take notes during the 20+ complimentary sessions on industry trends and insights

Understanding how you and your company will benefit by attending InformEx is vital. Here are just a few to get you started!

Network with 1,500+ Industry Peers

InformEx attracts over 1,500 attendees responsible for sourcing, purchasing, tolling, process, scale-up, engineering, research, sales & marketing, and more from across the fine and specialty chemical industry. 

Invest in Your Education

The conference program will serve to foster dialogue on innovation, regulatory challenges, market dynamics and opportunities for growth within today’s rapidly growing chemical markets!

Find Global Partners Specific to Your Needs!

Our exhibitor line-up is global, which expands your ability to meet new partners that have the resources your business needs to go to the next level! 

Explain The ROI

The most important part about asking for funding is to show your manager what is in it for your department, plant, lab or company and compare that to the cost of attendance.

You will accomplish more in the course of three days than you could in a year at InformEx!
Meet with potential suppliers and allied partners; network with industry peers; and strengthen your understanding of the changing industry landscape. Attending InformEx would be an investment in you and the company.

Share Early and Often

Be sure to tell your employer that you will take thorough notes and plan to share your new knowledge, insights and experiences with your colleagues. A travel diary or daily blog post is a great way of sharing discoveries with the “folks back at the office” and making them feel part of the trip. 

Gaining Perspective

With so many opportunities to meet industry professionals and learn about the trends in the global fine and specialty chemical sector, encountering cutting edge science is inevitable! This innovative educational immersion will grant the perspective necessary to innovate and lead.

Outreach & Networking Opportunities

InformEx is the event to connect with senior level buyers and suppliers in the fine and specialty chemical marketplace! Access limitless resources that will further your business through InformEx, which brings together the tightly knit community within the specialty, fine and custom chemicals industry.

Create a Thorough Post-Event Report

We recommend using the worksheets at the end of this packet to take notes after sessions so you can record the key takeaways, action items and estimated impact. If you participate in a workshop, training or professional development course, be sure to gather materials that you can distribute or even offer a workshop at your workplace as part of the advantage.