ION Program

Invite Your Customers and Prospects to Attend InformEx free of charge, on Your Behalf!

Every year the ION program continues to expand as more exhibitors take advantage of the unique opportunity to bring in preferred prospects to the show. 

This is a great opportunity for you to maximize your onsite ROI by personally nominating the companies you want to meet with!

Nominate Your Customers and Prospects for InformEx Today!

Advantages of Nominating:

  • Your company is recognized as giving the complimentary pass to the customer/prospect
  • Your name included in the letter welcoming the customer/prospect to the show
  • You are inviting people to visit in an advantageous forum to showcase your business
  • You will be adding more energy to the show floor

How to Nominate an ION

  • Email a list of nominees to Jess Schoenholtz at
    • Include Name, Job Title, Company, Phone and Email.