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InformEx 2014: Education Sessions

InformEx is proud to announce our 2014 educational programming. Please see below for our  agenda and check back frequently for further updates!

Breaking Bad - The Chemistry
Wednesday, 9am, Theater 1

"Breaking Bad" is the story of a struggling high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.  He turns to a life of crime, producing and selling methamphetamine with the aim of securing his family's financial future before he dies.  This show gained a reputation for scientific accuracy and inspiring the public, especially students, toward science.  Dr. Nelson will discuss her role, contributions, and experiences as a chemist serving as technical advisor to this television show.  

Speaker: Dr. Donna Nelson, Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Oklahoma, and the Scientific Advisor for Breaking Bad

Tackling Vulnerabilities in the Chemical Supply Chain
Wednesday, 10am, Theater 2

As retailers move towards highly sophisticated cloud data management systems for regulatory and sustainability information for their products, they are requiring their suppliers to match up their safety information with comprehensive global data. This session dives into the current direction of the industry as retailers shore up chemical supply chain vulnerabilities, the impact on fine and specialty chemicals suppliers, and best practices for maintaining and providing regulatory data.

Speaker: Joan McGuffy, Senior Regulatory Specialist, The WERCs

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Intellectual Property: Protect and Commercialize Your Ideas
Wednesday, 10am, Theater 2

In recent years, a number of the bigger players in the market have left chemical manufacturing for a variety of reasons. As a result, there is money to be made for innovative fine, specialty and custom chemical manufacturers. Patenting innovations in the US is cheap, and more importantly, the process is fairly simple with the right guidance. This session will explore some of the reasons why the industry has an exceptionally bright future, the patent process in the US, and what innovative thinkers should do to commercialize their ideas.

Speakers: Tom Daly, CEO at Crison

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GHS: Requirements & Impact for Fine and Specialty Chemicals Manufacturers
Wednesday, 11am, Theater 1

Since 2002 when GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals) was adopted by the UN, the chemical industry has looked forward to streamlining and consolidating SDSs and labels to meet global requirements. With OSHA's newly aligned GHS Hazard Communication Standard requiring full adoption by June 1, 2015, understanding GHS in a global, but country specific context is more important than ever. This session outlines general GHS requirements while providing some practical guidance on how to manage country specific differences with major trading partners.

Speakers: Paula Laux, Sr. Regulatory Specialist, The WERC 

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Specialty Chemicals 2013: Insights from Trade Data
Wednesday, 11am, Theater 2

PIERS, the Standard in Trade Intelligence, will be provide a high-level view of top chemical commodities and markets based on aggregate trade data for U.S. chemical imports and exports. Learn what commodities are traded in high volume, what markets are growing for U.S. chemical exports, and identify trends in global chemical sourcing. 

Speakers: Aliet Martinez, Director of Client Development, PIERS – JOC Group Inc.

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Shale Gas: Chemical Manufacturing in the Shale Gas Decade
Wednesday, 2pm, Theater 1

The arrival of shale gas has shifted the global chemical industry, and the time is now for chemical manufacturers to prepare for the challenges and countless opportunities that it presents. This talk will hone in on how shale gas has changed the global chemical industry, the huge 4-year $100 billion investment in the US petrochemical industry and changes that chemical manufacturers can expect over the next decade. Finally, companies will learn how to capitalize on the goldmine of opportunities that will be created during the shale gas decade.

Speaker: Tom Gellrich, Founder, Topline Analytics

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Trade Barriers for Chemical Manufacturers
Wednesday, 2pm, Theater 2

The world's largest free trade agreement ever negotiated is underway between the U.S. and the European Union. If successful, this trade deal will have global implications, providing enormous market incentives for U.S. chemical manufacturers. This session details what is at stake for chemical manufacturers and whether differences in chemical and pharmaceutical product regulation between the US and EU governments could hinder the trade agreement's ultimate passage.

Speaker: Bill Allmond, VP of Government and Public Relations at SOCMA

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The State of Pharma 2013: Trends and Opportunities for Chemical Manufacturers
Wednesday, 3pm, Theater 1

The contract manufacturing sector has, like the drug companies it counts as customers, gone through an intense period of transformation. Drug makers have also reorganized in fundamental ways in order to prepare for the avalanche of patent expiries that occurred last year. While the reformed drug industry had a very tough 2013, the CMO sector, constituting a leading economic indicator for pharmaceuticals, is optimistic. I would like to give a presentation that investigates whether a fundamentally new drug industry is in a secure enough position to grow, and also investigate where in the industry—big pharma, biotech, emerging pharma—new drugs will come from. This will include a survey of what the new molecules look like and the services drug makers will require.

Speaker: Rick Mullin, Senior Editor Chemical & Engineering News

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New Frontiers in Glycochemistry
Wednesday, 4pm, Theater 1

Recent advances in chemical technologies for the synthesis of glyochemicals and glycoconjugates offer the potential to bring the promise of sugar-based molecular diversity to the drug development pipeline. This talk will focus on new approaches to the cost-effective synthesis of carbohydrate-based molecules of interest to the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry, including the use of newly available enzymatic tools and chemical reagents (in particular rare and activated sugars) in applications such as the generation of novel small molecule glycodiversity, protein glycosylation and large scale synthesis of short chain oligosaccharides.. 

Speaker:David Demirjian, President & CEO, zuChem, Inc.

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Case Studies: Creating Value in Partnerships between Pharma and Technology Providers
Thursday, 10am, Theater 1

This panel will feature key thought leaders from pharma and biotech companies, along with their technology partners. These thought leaders will discuss the nuts and bolts of creating value when pharma companies and technology providers collaborate. The session will be chaired by Dr. Greg Hughes, who recently joined Codexis from Merck, where he led biocatalysis activities and oversaw the Merck – Codexis partnership.

Speaker: Dr. Greg Hughes, Codexis

Personalized Medicine: Opportunities for the Fine, Custom & Specialty Chemicals Industry
Thursday, 10am, Theater 2

The market for personalized medicine in the US is already valued at $232 billion and is projected to show double digit CAGR moving forward. For custom manufacturers, this market presents a tremendous opportunity to step up and meet the demand for custom synthesis and diverse raw materials required for specialized drugs and diagnostics. This session will shed light on the opportunities that personalized medicine and companion diagnostics are creating for the industry and how companies can adapt to succeed in this changing environment

Speaker: Jim Hamby, Business Development at Ash Stevens

Sustainability: Environmentally Sound Practices that Generate ROI
Thursday, 11am, Theater 1

The Pharmaceuitcal Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations ("CDMO's") continually adopt new policies and programs and programs that can improve work safety and reduce environmental risk, as well as drive real purpose of the organization through community/industry outreach. Increasingly, pharmaceutical companies are requiring their CDMO's to adopt strong Sustainability programs aligned with theirs. What sometimes gets lost in these policies and programs is that, designed correctly, all can generate significant Return on Investment (ROI) for the company. This is the essence of Sustainability; "the Triple Bottom Line" (People, Planet, and Profit). This presentation by Cambridge Major Laboratories will dive into sustainable practices, focusing on a series of specific case studies as well as the impact ("ROI"). In addition, the development and monitoring of several key performance indicators will be discussed. .

Speaker: Gary Masse, Director of Manufacturing Technology, Certified Sustainability Manager, Cambridge Major Labs  

Printed Electronics: Trends & Opportunities
Thursday, 11am, Theater 2

Printed Electronics, recently valued a $700 million per year industry, is viewed as an industry that is set to take off. Thanks to the numerous functions of fine chemicals within these new electronics, the fine and specialty chemicals industry could stand to gain the most. This session details the biggest needs for the printed electronics industry, and what opportunities exist for players in the fine and specialty chemicals space.

Speaker: Harry Zervos, ChairSenior Analyst, IDTechEx

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3D Printing
Thursday, 2pm, Theater 1

Speaker: Harry Zervos, ChairSenior Analyst, IDTechEx

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Intellectual Property: Challenging Issued Patents before the U.S. PTO
Thursday, 2pm, Theater 2

This panel will feature a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of various post-issuance challenge procedures before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. 

Speaker: Andrew Lawrence, Partner at Marshall, Gerstein, Borun LLP

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The Chemistry Of Nex-Gen Sequencing
Thursday, 3pm, Theater 2

Extraordinary advances in the chemistry of next-generation DNA sequencing over the past 6 years or so have brought us to the brink of the fabled "$1,000 genome." The ability to decode genomes in hours or days has already transformed fields as diverse as clinical genomics and drug discovery. Kevin Davies, author of the book The $1,000 Genome, presents an engaging brief history of next-gen sequencing from the Human Genome Project to today. He will assess the latest technology advancements and discuss the imminent commercial arrival of nanopore sequencing.

Speaker: Kevin Davies, Author, The $1,000 Genome; Publisher, C&EN Magazine

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Moving Your API Beyond Phase 1 Clinical Studies: Formulation Development Challenges and Case Studies
Thursday, 3pm, Theater 2

Success in the clinic at Phase 1 results in a push for API resupply to support the next clinical studies. This often presents challenges such as scale-up, improved synthetic routes, or changes in your API supplier that yield different physical or chemical properties of your API , despite all efforts to keep these
the same. This presentation will survey some of the challenges encountered in case studies on formulation development and manufacture of clinical trial material for Phase 2 and 3 studies.

 Speaker: Kevin Kane, Ph.D., Account Executive, Patheon


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