Why Attend?

Network with Industry Peers
InformEx is the leading annual event serving the fine and performance chemical sector. InformEx has been the provider of the community's meeting places for the past 30 years and continues to be the forum within which this industry meets to network, learn and achieve the business development and innovation objectives.

InformEx attracts over 3,500 executive & senior level attendees responsible for sourcing, purchasing, tolling, process, scale-up, engineering, research, sales & marketing, and more from across the fine & specialty chemical end-use markets including:

Agrochemical & Crop ProtectionFungicides | Insecticides | Herbicides/PGRs
Seed Treatments | Biopesticides GM Crops
Animal Health

Consumer Goods & Household ProductsAsphalt Additives | Adhesives & Sealants
Protective Coatings

ConstructiongSoaps | Detergents | Deodorants
Disinfectants | Air Fresheners

Electronics, Equipment & ITSolvents | Etching Agents | Stripper Additives
Monomers | Photoresists | Plating
Specialty Gases | Dielectric Materials

Flavors & FragrancesFlavor Compositions | Fragrance Compositions
Essential Oils | Natural Extracts
Aroma Chemicals

Food & BeverageColors | Emulsifiers | Enzymes
Shelf Life Extenders | Antioxidants | Sweetners
Polyols | Thickeners & Stabilizers

Lifesciences & BiotechnologyCosmetics | Personal Care | Biologics
Nutraceuticals | Veterinary | Biotechnology
Medical Devices | Nanotechnology

Paints & CoatingsSolvents | Resins
Pigments | Additives

Petrochemical & EnergyPetrochemicals | Clothing | Housing
Coal, Gas & Mining FuelsOil Fields
Performance Plastics | Elastomers
Synthetic Fibers |  Water Management

PharmaceuticalsPharmaceutical | Biopharmaceuticals
Virtual Pharma Emerging Pharma
Specialty Pharma | Branded Pharma

Plastics & PolymersPlasticizers | Pigments | Process Aids | Lubricants
Dispersants | Flame Retardants

Textiles & MaterialsFabrics | Dyes | Wood | Paper
Surfactants | Enzymes | Water Repellents
Fluorescent | Whitening Agents |
Soil/Oil Repellents

Invest in your Education
The industry is constantly changing. Continuing your education is necessary to keep abreast with the latest developments, skills, and new technologies. InformEx offers an up to date view of the developments and new technologies that are coming from the global fine & specialty chemical sector through a full program of world- class conference sessions.

Find Global Partners
Our exhibitor line-up is global, which expands your ability to meet new partners that have the resources your business needs to go to the next level. Our exhibitors provide a plethora of chemical products and allied/custom services – For our full exhibitor list & product categories please click here.



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