Exhibitor Invites

InformEx is offering exhibitors a brand new marketing opportunity to better connect with your customers.

Free to use as one of our valued clients, Exhibitor Invites is your chance to invite an unlimited number of your customers and prospects to InformEx for a free expo only registration or a 20% discount on a conference package, as well as a friendly reminder to stop by your booth during the show.

Create a customized email campaign consisting of up to three emails under the guidance of the Exhibitor Invites experts.

Benefits of Participating in the Exhibitor Invites Program Include:

  • See up to 20% more booth traffic! More timely than snail mail, easy to track, and more effective than other marketing methods, Exhibitor Invites allows you to extend branded, personalized invitations to your customers and prospective clients. Exhibitors who make use of this program get 20% more booth traffic than exhibitors who don’t.
  • Protect your data. By uploading your customer and prospect file to the Exhibitor Invites bonded and licensed third-party email service, Global IntelliSystems, your list is 100% secure and will not be shared with anyone, not even show management. 
  • Boost your brand awareness. Exhibitor Invites is a great way to spread word your company, increase your ROI from the show, and help ensure that all your key customers and prospects visit your booth at InformEx. 

To get started, visit www.exhibitorinvites.com/InformEx

Questions about the Exhibitor Invites program?

Contact your personal Exhibitor Invites Specialist, Tricia Fuller at +1-319-423-8702 or triciaf@exhibitorinvitesteam.com.

If you have any problems using the system, send an email to services@exhibitorinvitesteam.com